Special Orders

Tailored Garments to suit your needs.

Special Orders

What ever your work wear needs

Here at BULL, our customers are as dear to us as are our employees, as such we always endeavor to meet our customers expectations. We are exceptionally competitive as we deal directly with textile mills, by passing the middle man and manufacture in our own factory.

We are more than happy to produce a range to meet the very specific needs of any BULL client. We make under contract for a number of other suppliers using their patterns and branding.

In a factory consisting of more than 400 machinists, the word impossible, does not often presents itself. So, if you require a garment with coloured stitching, different colour yokes or short sleeves; alterations to our regular styles can be made to ensure that you receive what you require. We also have a fully operational production line, focused on the application of reflective tape. The tape can therefore be applied in any way needed even when it differs from the standard positioning around the legs, body and arms. BULL has previously supplied reflective tape styles that varies from crosses to simply silver stripes around the pockets or knees.

Our Minimum commercially viable production run is 300 garments.

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Some examples include the following:

- HACCP garments

-Reflective tape

-Unique specifications

-Customer branding on bulk orders

Please let us know what your particular requirements are so that we may assist you.